The Sabbath day in scripture

The following video is a result of seven months of study. It took me a fair while to collate all the information I had available and filter it down to a point where I could present it to others. The video covers the things which I have learned over this time, in order that others may learn from it as well.

It is important to note that I would not expect all to agree with everything straight away, as I know it took me some time to research and then to understand what the scriptures were saying.

But looking back at where I have come from, I am amazed I had not seen it earlier. I present this information for others to view and to research for themselves. I am not here to tell you this is the way it is, but rather, this is what I have been shown.

You are able to also download a PDF copy of this presentation for those who do not have access to YouTube, here.

For those who read in Dutch, the PDF copy above is available here: Sabbath video in Dutch

May Yahuwah bless you in your personal studies on this topic.


  1. I knew i was right going by what the Father’s scriptures said. Now how do i figure out when was the 1st month of this year so i can keep appointed feasts?


    1. Hi Nicole,

      What country do you live in? Because the calendar of scripture and the gregorian calendar overlap, I generally can’t say specifically. But I can tell you that in most of the world, the new moon was seen upon the evening of Wednesday the 29th of March making new moon day Thursday the 30th of March new moon day.

      If I know what area in the world you live in, I can point you to some of the calendar I have on the web so you might learn how to determine the appointed times.

      Yahuwah Bless.


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