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The Calendar of Scripture site has been built a single person who is seeking the kingdom of Yahuwah and His righteousness.  As we are all living in a world of sin, our eyes have become blinded. Sometimes we see the truth and accept it. Other times we see the truth and reject it.

The Calendar of Scripture site has been built with the truth set at the forefront. There will be some things which people disagree with, and other things which they agree with and still again, other things which the site has shone light upon that they did not see before, but now they can.

The things which one disagrees with should be kept in mind, as it may just be that there is more light to come for you on the subject which you do not see yet. I know in my personal study this has been the case. There have been many things which I did n0t see, but now can, and there are many, many more things where I still cannot see clearly.

If  you are aware of one of these items, please fill in the fields below. Or perhaps you might have something the site has shown you and hence you would like to give thanks to Yahuwah and let me know what it was you learnt?

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