1. Hi, I am getting confused again when I thought I had it together! Mr Merlin celebrated the Sabbath on saturday, I celebrate it today sunday and you are celebrating it on monday with the new moon on wednesday. I was looking forward to the new moon on Monday Dec 18. I hope we can get this straightened out.


    1. Hello Ramona,

      I think the issue you are having may be twofold. Let me explain.

      Some people use conjunction as the way they know the new moon. I do not do this. I use the Light as it was the Light He told us to follow when He speaks of the appointed times. The Light of His word needs to match the Light of the moon.

      We see in scripture New moon day. It has Light upon it. The only event we do not see in the fourth Sabbath. There is no Light upon this in the scriptures. So if I was using conjunction, my Sabbath would be a day or two earlier than it is when we use the First visible crescent.

      The other issue is once you see the Light, how do you know which day is New moon day? Was it the day you saw the Light upon or was that a sign telling you that New Moon day is approaching? I understand it as a sign, and I use it that way. For I see the light, and then the day comes. I think of it as a traffic light. I see the Sign of the green light then I start the new month. You can see this in the appointed time of trumpet, where they blew the trumpets during the day. It would not work if they saw the moon after they had blown the trumpets during the day.

      The other thing you need to understand is that it is possible for someone in one location to have the Sabbath either a Gregorian day before or after you. The reason is that the two calendars do not align. You see the Gregorian calendar uses a fixed dateline. The scriptural calendar the line moves between one new moon and the next. There is an image of where the new moon is seen about halfway down in this article (https://calendarofscripture.com/2017/11/25/the-calendar-of-scripture/) it is in green. Click on it to see it larger. You will see how the dateline – where the new moon is seen – does not align with the international dateline. It is sort of like taking a measuring tape and starting it at a different location. The day will start at a different location upon the calendar of scripture when you compare it to the fixed Gregorian calendar. (If you look at the image carefuly, you will see where the international date line is and you will see there the scriptual day starts and ends) – two different locations.

      I pray this assists you with your query. Merlin is a lovely gentleman, but I can see He is still learning on this subject matter. I have spoken to him about it before, but we all come to see things in our own time.

      Yahuwah Bless.


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