Physical to Spiritual representations

This area is where I will be keeping information on Physical to spiritual representations:

Oil – This was used to anoint The people who represented Yahuwah. Aaron is anointed with oil in Exodus 30:30-32. The oil of Yahuwah gives off His Light. We see this in Matthew 25:1-13 where five of the virgins have oil and the other five do not. Five had His anointing and five did not.

Virgin – Someone who can marry. They are pure, without sin.

Wise – Following the commandments of Yahuwah.

Foolish – ignoring the commandments or following the commandments of men.

Bridegroom – The person who marries the Virgin.

Falling asleep – Not reading His word to gain in understanding.

Wedding Feast – The consummation of the Groom and the Virgin.

Harvest – The end of the age.

Field – The world.

Good Seed – The sons of the kingdom

Enemy – The devil

Weeds – The sons of the devil.

Reapers – The angels

Fish – The people

Grace – His blood (1 John 1:7 – His blood saves us providing His grace)

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