The Gregorian Calendar vs the Scriptural calendar

Is there a difference?

There are many I know and love. Things I want to share with them but they keep rejecting it before looking at it. I pray that one day they will look at this with open eyes and an open heart.

This video I made is not focussed upon the Sabbath day. Instead it’s focus is upon the calendar. The calendar used in the scriptures. Here we look to see what calendar is used. It should become very apparent to anyone who watches this video that the calendar in the scriptures is different to todays calendar and herein lies the problem.

Take a look. Question your beliefs.


  1. The word “Holy Spirit” is an English Word that was derived from the Hebrew word “Ruach Ha Quodesh” and NOT a Translated. These words “Holy spirit” should be rendered into “Power of Knolwledge”, and NOT Holy Spirit, because the words Holy Spirit was derived from the Trinitarian doctrined of Constantinoplke the Pagan which are : Holy Father, Holy Son and the Holy Spirit and the equivalent from thye Hebrew-Aramaic Hebrew namely: Ruach ha Abba, Ruach ha Aben, and Ruach ha Quodesh., Be a good believers and NOT a good Imitators. Shalom to every Believers.


    1. The Ruach ha Kodesh is indeed what many term the Holy Spirit. I agree that we should not be using the term Holy Spirit, jut rather the original form, in the best manner we understand.

      Ruach comes from Strongs word H7307 – Here they translate it to mean wind, breath, mind or spirit. It is something we do not see, but know it exists. Much like the moon and the hidden phase of it. We know it is there, but cannot see it. H7308 has much the same meaning.

      Quodesh comes from Strongs H6944 – Here it is translated as set apart, Holy, Sacred, or seperate. Perosnally I always found it interesting how the word quodesh (holy) is so similar to the word chodesh (h2320) – which refers to the new Moon. The only difference between these words is the first letter.


    1. Hello Charles.

      The new moon is not the full moon. The full moon is the full moon and the new moon is the new moon ;-). The scriptures prove this as well. Many look to His word and try to find a verse which tells us this, which is difficult.

      What I would suggest is to take a step back and look at His word and what He shows us. What I mean is what events does He show us? You see He tells us that His word is His Light to our Path in Psalms 110:105. If His word is a Lamp, a Light to show us the way, then we should be able to see Light upon the events where there was Light. Otherwise His word is not true, and we know this not to be the case.

      So what do you see? Do you see any New Moon days? Is their Light in His word that you can see them? I am sure you would agree that there is.
      So do you see the first Sabbath? Is their Light in His word that you can see it? Yes. There is Light also upon this day.
      How about the second Sabbath. This is the Sabbath where Yahushua rested before He rose. Do we see any light in His word upon this Sabbath?
      Yes. In fact out of all the Sabbath this Sabbath by far has the most Light shone upon it. It is shown in His word in many locations.
      How about the third Sabbath? Is there any Light upon this Sabbath? YEs. Again we see this in His word. (Look in John 7 – 9). In fact it was this very Sabbath where Yahushua told us that the Light will not be with us much longer.

      John 9:4-5
      4 I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. 5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

      So the last question is do we see any Light upon the fourth Sabbath of the month in His word? I have searched all the scriptures and can tell you, that you shall never find any Light upon this day. It is not that the day does not exist, but rahter that there was no Light upon this Sabbath. We do not see any Light upon it in His word. None.

      So brother the new moon can only be the first visible crescent. There is no other way to have the events He shows us line up with His word. And if they do not line up with His word, then there is no Light in it.

      Isaiah 8:20
      20 To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.


      1. Yes he is right and another witness of what he said is the Hebrew word for New Moon I look up each letter in the word New Moon and Hhets= tent wall Dal= tent door opening back and forward, Shin= two teeth sharp. When you look at a crescent, the light is shape as two teeth sharp on the edges and it opens the tent aka moon back and forward like a door.


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