A dream – The interview

So I had a dream this morning. They are the one I seem to remember the best – just before you wake.

I thought it was nothing at first… I suppose like some of the others I have had.. right until the end of the dream where I suddenly saw things which had an instant meaning with me. Thought I would share it with everyone else.

It started with me being in a lift going up inside a building. In the dream I knew I was going to an interview, which I assumed was for a job, and I was thinking…no.. I’m not ready to go to the interview, I have so much more to prepare. I was almost ready to just start heading back downstairs to do some more prep work.

Then the lift doors opened and I walked outside and sat on a couch. Then a lady came up to me, who was one of the interviewers and she welcomed me and invited me to come into the interview room. While we were walking I was still thinking I should have been better prepared when she said to me “Your score on the test was one of the highest we have seen. We have been looking forward to meeting with you.”

Well I don’t recall sitting any test… And I didn’t know what to say, so I just followed her into the interview room and sat down at the head of the table, so I could see all the people who were there to interview me.

Now this was strange. I saw people, who had these different pieces of fruit stuck to their nose sitting around the table and talking! When they spoke, they had to look up, so that the fruit would not fall off. But one by one the fruit fell off their nose, and revealed that it was only being held on by some quite stringy white glue.

Then these people started to vanish and I was left with the lady who walked me in and another gentleman. She saw that I was nervous and started the interview by asking me to tell them about myself. To be honest, I don’t recall much of what I said. But straight after I finished speaking The other gentleman asked me to come with him.

So we walked out of the interview room where we walked along a pathway, which at first went up a ladder, then over some poles on the ground, up a step, and then to a brick wall….not any brick wall.. this one looked really thick.. like around 20 feet thick.

The gentleman got down and crawled though an opening. and there was I, looking at this opening and thinking..there is no way I am going to fit through that opening, when I heard Him call me from the other side beckoning me through.

So I got down and crawled my way through. I remember looking at the hole. It was once brick high and three bricks wide. And then I popped out the other side and there was a beautiful land trees.

Then the dream ended.

I looked again at it when I woke, and I can see many things in that dream which I would consider to be from Him. Each person gets their own interpretation.

YHWH Bless.

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