A Dream with meaning.

It was afternoon and my family and I were going to the local restaurant. A quaint timber building with a glass window on the front. The timber wall ran down one side which had an open block of land beside it. The white paint on the exterior walls was peeling. There was an extension off the side where all the people were sitting having their meal, talking and laughing with one another.

My family and I walked in and approached the counter. Behind the counter, there was a woman who was running the entire restaurant. She was getting everything done but barely. I thought to myself – an extra set of hands would help this lady out. So I asked her… “Would you like a hand?”

She looked up and smiled, and said, “Thank you, but I am right for the moment”. She wiped the sweat from her face and looked and me with a smile and said, “What can I get for you and your family?” I felt guilty for asking as she had so much to do, and yet somehow I could tell she knew I was thinking this.

She said “It’s ok. What would you like?” So I gave her an order and she looked at me and pointing to a staircase and then some seats which were nearby she said to me, “Where would you like to sit?”

I looked at the stairs and  then looked at the seats which were near where she was working and said, “Here will be fine”. We moved the chairs around the table and I sat down with my family.

We were looking out towards the extension where everyone else was seated and enjoying their meal. As I was looking I noticed this large group all looked towards us and were staring intently. There seemed to be a hatred in their eye and their faces were grimaced. All of them were looking at us sitting inside of the building. All that was between us and then was a pane of glass.

Then my attention was directed to the owner of the restaurant as she brought me over some gifts which she told us were to be opened at the time appointed. She said they were from my Sister whose name was Shalom – a way of greeting others.

Puzzled I wondered what was inside of them and  before I even had time to think about it I felt someone standing behind me. There was a loving hand placed upon my shoulder. The feeling of love was overpowering. I had never felt anything like it before, It was bringing me to tears as I felt the warmth and the unconditionality of the love associated with it. It was the son. It was the Father. It was His spirit.

Then from a window to our right, in the midst of a staircase, a piercing Light shone through the window, Brighter than any light I had seen. I could look at the Light, but could not see what it was.

Then the dream ended.

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