The true calendar and the false calendar.

(Written by Prince Norman Nyazika – details added by Robert Richmond)

Is it true that Saturday is the seventh day of the modern seven day Gregorian Calendar week? Yes…absolutely! However, that fact alone does not make Saturday the seventh day Sabbath of Scripture by default.

The modern seven day week as we have it today, comes from the pagan planetary week of Rome, based on the worship and adoration of the then-known seven planets.

The Roman Calendar itself initially had an 8-day (nundial) week until the time when the seven day planetary week was initially adopted by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in 45 B.C, due to influences of Mithraism; to become a prominent feature of His Julian Calendar (aptly named after himself. It is from this Emperor that the month of July also obtains its name). It was common practice amongst the pagans, to represent the mark of their authority by setting themselves upon the reckoning and changing of time. By this single act of changing time, they would be proclaiming themselves to be deities (Gods). This was formally and publicly represented by attaching their names to the calendars that they established.

At its inception, the seven day planetary week of Rome began on Saturday (Latin: Dies Saturni) It wasn’t until Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus (from whom the month of August obtains its name), shifted the order days such that Saturday then came to be the seventh day of the Julian Calendar. Contrary to popular belief, this seven day week was not derived from the record of Creation as detailed in the Scriptures.

In which case, the modern Gregorian Calendar which was introduced by Pope Gregory Xiii (also named after him), through a Papal Bull in 1582 – as yet another reform of the Julian Calendar; cannot be used to count to the true seventh day Sabbath because it lacks one vital feature: it is not of Scriptural origin and therefore lacks the true concept of time measurement, namely Lunar months.

The Creator’s Scriptural calendar begins each month with the New Moon. The first day of each new month is the New Moon Day, which is a day set aside for worship and commences the count of days but also restarts or refreshes the weekly cycle. There are four continuous weeks from one new moon to the other. (The modern word MONTH is derived from the word MOON).

The difference between the scriptural calendar and the gregorian calendar comes from when the months start and how the seventh day is counted to. The gregorian calendar uses the international date line to mark the start of the months, and hence the start of the days.

The scriptural calendar uses the new moon to mark the start of the month and hence the start of the days. The international date line does not align with the new moon. 

This sequence makes the seventh day Sabbaths of each month to fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th days of the Scriptural month…since all the days and weeks are counted from the New Moon Day.

Meanwhile, the pagan planetary seven day week of Rome cycles continuously without any recourse to the natural courses of the moon. Infact, the pagan continuous weekly cycle is not related to anything in nature and thus a new month can begin on any day of the week. Not only is the pagan calendar false, but it also lacks common sense and consistency.

Those who keep either Friday, Saturday or Sunday as their worship days, give their worship allegiance to Rome and to the Pope whose calendar it is…and ultimately to the Dragon – who is Ha’Satan. Since the Church of Rome obtained its seat and authority from him.

WHEN you worship, determines WHO you worship….forsake the calendar of Rome (Rev 18:4) and worship YAHUAH at His Appointed Times (Lev 23, Isa 66:23), according to His Scriptural Calendar (Gen 1:14) — for the hour of His judgement has come! (Rev 14:7)

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