The Law and Faith

The video below is an excerpt. It covers three things:

  1. There are the Christians who believe the law is done away with.
  2. There are the Messianic’s who believe you need to fulfill the written and oral laws and  they do not see the price which Yahushua (I AM Saves) paid ( They don’t believe the Messiah has come already).
  3. Then you have those who follow the order of the Melchizedek. The Kingdom of Righteousness. That is what the word Malkuth (Kingdom – H4438) and Zadikah (Righteousness – H6666) mean.  These two words are in the verse which is the image for this page. Matthew 6:33

The blood of Yahushua was the ratification of the covenant which was established with Moses. The proposal which was on the Mount, the acceptance by the people, the blood ratification by Yahushua, and a covenant confirming meal to be held at the appointed time of booths which is all supported solely by the scriptures.

We are not able to be lawless. We are to see the price the son paid, thereby abolishing the oral law of the Rabbinic Torah. The book of the covenant was accepted by Faith (Exodus 19), and later that was broken at the golden calf (Exodus 32).

When that happened Yahuwah was going to destroy Israel if it were not for Moses, the mediator who stepped in between.

Yahuwah then imposed a not agreed to book of the law, as a tutor to keep Israel under guard until the time of reformation when the seed would come that would pay the death penalty position price, through blood ratification and would, therefore, fulfill the covenant and return us back into covenant by the blood of the lamb.

Not complicated, and supported by the scripture. We should keep His ten commandments.

Revelation 12
12 Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of Yahuwah and the faith of Yahushua.

There is only one way to the Father and it is a narrow path.

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