When is New Moon day?

This has been a subject which I had wondered about for a long time. But through much prayer, thought and reading of scripture, Yahuwah reveals His ways.

The various methods used today

For those new to this topic, there are a couple of views you will want to consider before coming to a conclusion.  The three main views out there today are:

1) The dark moon – this is the moon one cannot see. Some people use the day of the dark moon whilst others use the day after the dark moon.

2) The first visible crescent – this is the first sighting of the moon. It occurs in the evening of the 29th or 30th day. Some people use the day on which the sign is seen as new moon day. Others use the day which follows.

3) The full moon – This is the moon which is full of Light. Again some use the day on which the moon is full as new moon day, whilst others use the day after.

Whilst there may be other slight variations, one of these three methods will cover the majority.

The First Witness

When many people read the scriptures which talk about new moon day, their first view of the subject is that the scriptures are silent on the topic. And initially I would agree. When trying to find out which day new moon day falls upon, it might appear that they are indeed silent.

Let me relay a short story here, which might get you thinking about the subject and actually show you that the scriptures do speak about which day new moon day is.

Johnathan decides that he is going to attend College

The College course is 30 days long. The first day Jonathan attends the open day of the College. He learns that after six days of study, He will have an exam the following day.

Day two of the course, Jonathan starts his lessons. He starts to study each day and after the end of six days, he has an exam upon the seventh day. This first exam was worth 15% of his grades.

The day after the exam, Johnathan starts to study again. His second exam is again after the end of another six days. The second exam is worth 55% of his grades. It is the biggest exam in the whole course and marks the midpoint of the course he is doing. Johnathan needs to study a lot for this second exam and spends a lot of time preparing. He is given the most material revealing the most about the subject He is studying.

Then there is the third exam. Johnathan is now following the same pattern which placed his next exam after another six days. This exam was also worth another 15%. 

It is upon this exam that Johnathan sees that there is not far to go. The course is almost finished and he is looking forward to completing it.

At the end, Johnathan has completed his course with 100% of the subject matter covered.

Now consider the events you saw take place whilst Johnathan was doing his College course. We saw Johnathan attend the first day. We then saw Johnathan work for six days, and then have an exam. It was worth 15%.

We saw Johnathan have major exam after another six days of work. It was worth 55%. During this time Johnathan was shown the most information.

We then saw Johnathan have another exam after another six days of study. It was worth 15%.

Up to this point, Johnathan has completed 85% of His exams. We know that Johnathan has an exam after six days of work. The last exam Johnathan had therefore had to have been upon the 29th day of the course as the exams were set after six days of work, and Johnathan still had 15% of the course to go.

But how did we reach this conclusion if there was no light upon this last exam? How did we know the exam was here and how did we know it was worth 15%? You see the scriptures are exactly the same, for when the light is absent it becomes a light itself.

In this example we are not actually told of an exam upon the 29th day. Yahuwah never actually tells us there is a Sabbath upon  the 29th day either. That does not mean that there is no Sabbath here however. It means that there is no Light shone upon this event. There are markers – Things which show us, when His appointed times are which in turn show us that there was a Sabbath at this time. It is held in the fourth commandment which tells us after 6 work days, there is the Sabbath.

If Yahuwah is to remain honest and true, would one really expect to see a Light, where Yahuwah does not place it?

Yahuwah shows us Light upon the new moon. We see this in His word.
Yahuwah shows us Light upon the first Sabbath. We see this in His word.
Yahuwah shows us Light upon the second Sabbath. We see this in His word.
In fact this Sabbath has the most Light upon it out of all the Sabbaths. We see this event over and over in His word.
Yahuwah shows us Light upon the third Sabbath. We see this in His word also.
It was upon this Sabbath that Yahuwah healed a blind man, and He said at this time:

John 9:1-5
1 Now as Yahshua passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. 
2 And His disciples asked Him, saying,

“Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

3 Yahshua answered,

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of Elohim should be revealed in him.
4 I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.
5 As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

The very next Sabbath, the one which sits right beside New Moon day, is hidden in the scriptures. Just like the Light from the moon, there is no Light upon this Sabbath. Just like the cups below, some contain liquid, but there is one which contains none. The same way that some of the Sabbaths are seen, and the fourth Sabbath is not seen.

Sabbath days
Just as a cup can be filled with liquid, there is nothing to fill the last Sabbath of the month.

The Light we see in His word is there to guide us on how we, followers of Yahshua, should walk.


Psalms 119:105
Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a gide to my path.

Importantly, this method does not take the Light the Father gives us in His word, and flip it upon its head.  This is what we see when we use the full moon as the new moon. It results in us taking Light he calling the full moon the new moon.

This results in there being no light upon the second Sabbath, and the fourth Sabbath almost being full of Light.

But using the Scriptures shown above, this is actually flipping everything upside down. Taking that which we don’t see and placing it in full light, and taking that which we do see and placing it in darkness.

Hence the warning is seen in scripture which says:

Isaiah 5:20
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

We are told not to take that which we see the Light upon and hide it. We are told not to take that which is hidden, and put Light upon it.

There is only a single method which reveals His appointed times.

Elohims Calendar
The Light from His appointed times reflects the Light from the moon.



The second Witness

This witness is overlooked by most. Even those who use the moon to know when His appointed times are. And this scripture is right in front of us all, quoted many times, but never given a second thought.

Here is the scripture.

Psalm 104:19
He created the moon for the appointed times. The sun knows it’s going down.

Most people who use the moon to know His appointed times will clearly recognise this scripture. We use it when we are sharing what we have learned about His appointed time with others.

We show people that the scripture says that He created the moon for the appointed times. We show people the list of appointed times in Leviticus 23 which start with the Sabbath and conclude with the appointed time of booths in this chapter.

But have you ever heard anyone explain to you the part which says ” The sun knows it’s going down”? What does this mean and why is it there?

This is a marker. It marks a single moment in time when the appointed times are revealed to us each month. The moon, the marker for the appointed times is seen when the sun sets, upon either the evening of the 29th or 30th days.

When one uses the first visible crescent, this is exactly what one sees. As the sun sets upon either the 29th or 30th day in the evening, look above where the sun is setting and you shall see the new moon. The moon is declaring when the appointed times of Yahuwah shall be for that coming month.

the new moon chases the setting sun
The last evening of the scriptural month, the new moon is seen as the sun goes down.

This only works with the first visible cresent as the new moon as it is the only one in which the moon is seen as the sun sets.

The dark moon is not seen at all, and the full moon is seen the entire day. It is the first visible crescent – the new moon, which has Light shone upon it in His word, declaring when the appointed times shall be counted from as the sun goes down.

What is a sign?

Have you ever considered what a sign is? When you travel down a road and approach a give way sign, do you see the sign before you have to give way? Or do you give way and then see the sign? It is obvious to many that you see the sign first. Likewise with Yahuwah.

In Genesis 1:14 Elohim tells us that it was the Light which was to give us these signs. It was the Light which was to show is His appointed times.  The Lights Elohim gives us does indeed show us His appointed times.

Genesis 1:14
14 Elohim said,
“Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and appointed times and for days and years; 


Those who use the dark moon as the new moon seem to miss that Elohim tells us here that is was the LIGHTS which were to provide us with His appointed times. It was not the darkness. It was the Lights.

For those using the full moon as new moon, they also miss this as they take the single day which has no Light in His word and they place it in Light. Likewise, they flip the second Sabbath around and place it in darkness – the single day which has the most light on it in His word.

There is only one method to keep His appointed times, and it uses His Lights to know when the appointed times are going to be.

The first visible crescent as a sign, like the Give Way sign, seen as we approach it, marking when His appointed times shall fall on the evening the sun sets.

Yahuwah Bless.



  1. Excellent Robert. This article now explained once and for all, where the New Moon is. The last photograph also says a lot. It shows the beginning of the month, but also the beginning of the new day. The sun knows it’s going down. The end of the day, the start of the new.

    Now my studies can continue.


  2. Shalom Robert!

    I praise YAHUAH greatly for your faithfulness and study and rightly dividing Scripture and sharing wisdom with us. HalleluYah!

    I was one who kept the full moon as the New Moon, until just today as new evidence came to me. I am reading out of Matmonim (Hidden Treasures from HalleluYah Scriptures) the Book of Sira or Ecclesiasticus, chapter 43 verses 6-8, “He made the moon also to serve in its season for Appointed Times, and a sign for the world. From the moon is the sign of Feasts, a light that decreases in its completion. The New Moon is called after its name, increasing wondrously in its changing, being an intrument for the hosts above, shining in the expanse of the shamayim.”

    Also in Sira chapter 39:12 “Yet I have more to say, which I have thought upon; for I am filled as at the full moon.” I was wondering (in my ignorance) why the writer said full moon and not New Moon then read on to chapter 43 and it became clear.

    I so much Thank YAHUAH for your article, I enjoy reading all that you post. I very much regret my ignorance on this matter, I turn from that false belief and to the Truth of Scripture.

    May YAHUAH bless you much brother, in wisdom and in truth!
    Much love to you and yours ❤


  3. Hi Robert , my friend.

    Ummmmmmm…. Where do I start? You claim that there is no light associated with 4th Sabbath and I must say that I concur……. as far as it is possible to concur with a statement that is absolutely correct much of the time and almost correct for the rest of the time.

    You and I, whilst having the same fundamental belief about this lack of light, execute our beliefs slightly differently. I have been tabulating my own version of the calendar of YHWH for about 18 months now and comparing it with yours and with others. We are always a day apart on the Appointed Times. This happens even though we both understand that there is no light on 4th Sabbath.

    The essential difference is that I, having no faith in being able to consistently view the FVC moon (or the LVC moon), have abandoned the practice, favoring instead to rely on ‘conjunction’, the darkest day of the month as the pivot point event in the lunar month. The end result is that, consistently, my Day 1 is one day after conjunction and your Day 1 is two days after conjunction.

    In my view any day that has either the LVC or the FVC moon occurring within its 24hr bounds cannot be considered to be a day with no light upon it. Your preferred method which uses the FVC moon as its pivot has no more perfectly dark day 4th Sabbaths than my preferred ‘conjunction’ method has perfectly dark days. You and I are both going to get a similar ratio of perfectly dark day Sabbaths. These perfectly dark day Sabbaths can only reliably occur on the Day of Conjunction. Most other 4th Sabbaths are going to contain a LVC moon or a FVC moon. There is the occasional day when the LVC or FVC moon is there on 4th Sabbath but can only be seen with a telescope so might qualify as a perfectly dark day. This does not happen very often though.

    The reason that I abandoned LVC and FVC moon sightings is because in an average year, especially during summer, I don’t get to see more than 60% of them due to poor atmospheric conditions. OK, so I can read your mind right now and you are thinking, ‘But you can’t see conjunction either’. ‘Too True’, I agree, but you know what, I have found it does not matter. Also, each month I visit the Crescentmoonwatch.org website to check out the New Crescent Moon Visibility World Chart and do you know what I have noticed on at least two occasions over the past 18 months? There have been times when I, in North Queensland, will be able to see the FVC moon a full day before those in New South Wales and /or points further south. Even if the skys were always perfectly clear all over the world all the time, the start of a FVC Moon centered new month around the world will always span a two day (more than 24hr) time period because of the parabolic shape of the New Crescent Moon Visibility footprint. On the other hand, when one employs conjunction as the pivot point for the new month the entire world transitions to the new month in one day (exactly 24hr) time period. The former method can only be considered as ‘Local’ whilst the latter can be truly considered as truly ‘global’. So, if I was to ‘phone a friend’ for FVC viewing confirmation, that friend would really have to live within a 500km radius of where I live to be considered reliable. If I do see the FVC moon it is a bonus but it is merely confirmation to me that tomorrow is the first day of the working week, not the first day of the month.

    So, how can I know when conjunction occurs if I cant observe it? It is a relatively easy thing to do once one puts in the time to develop a reliable method to do it. I use a sextant, at or soon after sunrise to measure the angular distance between the risen moon and the rising sun during the week between 3rd and 4th Sabbath. I have been doing this for about 10 months now and plotting graphs with ‘angles’ on one axis and ‘known time to conjunction’ on the other axis and I am finding that there is a repeating pattern emerging that will allow me to go out at sunrise on any of 3 or 4 days between 3rd and 4th Sabbath, take one reading, choose my graph for that month, and read off hours to conjunction to within one hour of actual. I am getting really close now. Soon I will not need to rely on Time&date.com.

    Horses for courses I reckon. I tried to make FVC (or LVC) moon viewing work for me but it does not. As scripture is silent on the mechanics of how to determine how to create the calendar, one must ultimately come up with what works best and which, on the balance of probability, has an even chance of being correct. I know that there are numerous variations between what one or the other hold dear and I really have no beef with any of them. They are all doing the best they can, as are you and I.

    Also, just briefly. Concerning when a day begins, without getting too deep, something to tantalize. I have looked at this subject every which way and I am quite convinced that those who believe Saturday is Sabbath and those who believe that Sunday is Sabbath are no different from those who believe that a new day starts at sunset and those who believe that a new day starts at sunrise. What a minefield. To cut a long story short. I am convinced, shock / horror, that a day does, in actual fact, start in the middle of the night and that sunset and sunrise are the counterfeit start times. Just quickly…. why I flipped. I was in total despair trying to reconcile the very good scriptural arguments of both groups when one day a big bright light came on and the simplicity of the revelation floored me. The source of all the angst between the two camps is the ‘sacred cow’ definitions of the terms ‘evening’ and ‘morning’. My revelation was that morning begins at the exact moment that evening ends and evening begins at the exact moment that morning ends. “Morning’ is the time period between the middle of the night and the middle of the day and ‘Evening’ is the time period between the middle of the day and the middle of the night. Once i coped with the shock of the paradigm shift and then took another look at the very good scriptural arguments of both fore mentioned groups, I found that with the new definition of evening and morning, the two groups harmonized. My definition does no violence to scripture and if it does, it is way, way, way less than ‘evening’ and ‘morning’ does. WOW! How ‘out of the box’ is that. Accept or reject as one chooses and as one pleases. Free choice is yours. As for me, my day begins while I sleep. I care not when really. It just happens. When I wake up in the morning, whether it be very early or late, the new day is already well established. I just love it.

    I have only ever found one article on the web supporting a midnight start to a biblical day. It can be found at: http://www.reformedpresbytery.org/books/sabbath/sabbath.htm. ‘When does the Sabbath Begin’ by Greg L. Price. I am not entirely alone it seems. When I was a kid my father drummed into me that ‘the majority view is seldom ever right’ and I am still thanking him for that advice 55 years later.

    I won’t go too much into ‘when does a year start’. I am worn out. A quick hint. It involves an Armillary sundial and a transit theodolite to pinpoint the day of the March equinox 2 weeks in advance. Still in development but coming along nicely. Hoping to get it right for the soon coming 2020 March equinox. Certainly for 2021.

    I have determined that I will never ever use a calendar that has been developed by anyone else and I will never create one for anyone other than for myself and my gorgeous wife. If one is seriously following this path, I believe one must take full personal responsibility and do it for themselves. It’s so satisfying and fun too.

    A word of advice to others reading this thread and new to the subject:- If you think that you are going to find others who hold to a methodology the same as yours, or anyone else’s, you are bound to be disappointed. There is no ‘pack’ to run with if you are a serious seeker. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Christianity is a bit like that. So is the world really. Onwards and upwards. Into the breach. Read and digest everything. Be sure to spit out the bones though. At some point you will have to dig in your toes and run with what makes sense to you. Clean up the mess later. Time is short.

    Best regards, big smiles and YHWH’s blessings,
    Having a barrel of fun.
    John Morris


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